When Frank met Rosanna at the pool table

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Frank, 45, is an executive at an international travel company. Rosanna, 38, works for an event company. They both enjoy playing pool, so they decided to meet for drinks at one of the premium pool bars in Central. When they started playing, he told her that he had seen her there before. He had dropped …

The smart way to fall in love

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Newton was a smart man. His Second Law of Motion not only explains the relationship between force and acceleration in motion, it also gives us a hint as to how we can fall in love. Based on Newton’s Second Law of motion, absent of any air resistance, an elephant and a feather falling from a …

A Pre-Valentine Success Story

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“Jane” visited us for a free consultation a long time ago, but she wasn’t quite prepared at the time. I advised her to pursue a healthier life style and lose a few pounds in the process. Six months later, she came back to us 15 pounds lighter and signed on for a package to meet …

Keep Calm and Feel the Love

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I’ve always advised my clients that it’s better to be happily single than to be mired in a bad relationship. There are many marvelous benefits to being single, and you should take full advantage of these opportunities, which includes dating, picking up new hobbies, and exploring your passions—all of which prepare you for the day …

Focus on big picture for marital bliss

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A good friend of mine recently got married. Although she moved in with him after the first month of their relationship, they both agreed that rushing into a marriage was not a good idea, so they lived together and got to know each other well for five years before tying the knot. During this time, …

Plan ahead for a fulfilling love life in 2018

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A senior bank director signed up with us in December. She said she was getting a head start on one of her goals for 2018, and planning ahead helps minimize the risks. We needed to create a dating profile for her which includes taking a new photo. The day before the shoot, she brought some …

Tips for choosing the right gift

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Other than the usual off-the-shelf gifts, doing something creative for your partner such as making a one-of-a-kind painting or cooking an elegant meal always garners extra appreciation. If you can manage your holiday schedules, an experiential holiday to create special memories would be the perfect getaway. Some reminders for gentlemen: unless you plan on driving …

Know your audience in text messages

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Nowadays, most of us are communicating through text messages rather than actual phone calls, especially when we first interact with a new friend. It is very important that we are mindful of our language and the “voice” we use. In non-business communication, you can use a more informal or relaxed tone, but you should keep …

The art of closing the deal

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I received a very heartwarming message from a former client yesterday. She had recently closed the deal (got married) and couldn’t be happier. She joined our service about 4 years ago, and on our advice, she started living a healthier life, getting fit (lost 8 pounds) and spent less time at work and more time …

Hot Wife Diet: Breakfast option

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Hot Wife Diet: Breakfast option Low sugar cereal Fresh blueberries Half a banana A cup of black coffee ☕