How to maximize your chance to meet people this Halloween?

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Halloween, like most of the other festivals is a chance for people to dress up, go out, socialize and party. Most people don’t know the origin of Halloween. It doesn’t matter – if you are single, the following are the tricks that you can use to enhance your chances of meeting someone.    1: Many …

The Art of sending flowers

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A client, introvert, 1984, banking, 184cm, not much dating experience, successful and generous. After he went on a date, he asked “Rachael the dinner was great. What do you suggest I do next?” I said, “Challenge yourself to ask her out again.” A week later, he asked “Rachael, now we have had 2 dinner dates, …

Greeting cultural differences on a first date

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Here are my thoughts on the key greeting differences: 1. If you are a Westerner, meeting Asian girls … instead of giving a kiss on the cheek, test the waters out to see what makes the lady comfortable. 2. Shaking hands only happen when you are meeting someone for business – DON”T DO THAT ON …

Keep studying and practicing to The PHD Rule

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Last night when I was watching a movie with my loved one, a movie called Dr. Strange, someone asked the doctor: What makes you become a PHD? He said “Study and practice!” This applies to all professional jobs, dating, and relationships. Someone also said: I found the harder I work, the luckier I get. Therefore …

Secret for flat abs.

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When you do crunches, you are building muscles below the abs, which makes your midsection look bigger. The trick is to breathe out when bending down, and then squeeze belly in and hold for 2 seconds, slowly return and repeat 3 sets of 12.

Keep Calm and Feel the Love

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I’ve always advised my clients that it’s better to be happily single than to be mired in a bad relationship. There are many marvelous benefits to being single, and you should take full advantage of these opportunities, which includes dating, picking up new hobbies, and exploring your passions—all of which prepare you for the day …

Plan ahead for a fulfilling love life in 2018

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A senior bank director signed up with us in December. She said she was getting a head start on one of her goals for 2018, and planning ahead helps minimize the risks. We needed to create a dating profile for her which includes taking a new photo. The day before the shoot, she brought some …

Tips for choosing the right gift

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Other than the usual off-the-shelf gifts, doing something creative for your partner such as making a one-of-a-kind painting or cooking an elegant meal always garners extra appreciation. If you can manage your holiday schedules, an experiential holiday to create special memories would be the perfect getaway. Some reminders for gentlemen: unless you plan on driving …

Know your audience in text messages

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Nowadays, most of us are communicating through text messages rather than actual phone calls, especially when we first interact with a new friend. It is very important that we are mindful of our language and the “voice” we use. In non-business communication, you can use a more informal or relaxed tone, but you should keep …

The art of closing the deal

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I received a very heartwarming message from a former client yesterday. She had recently closed the deal (got married) and couldn’t be happier. She joined our service about 4 years ago, and on our advice, she started living a healthier life, getting fit (lost 8 pounds) and spent less time at work and more time …