Halloween, like most of the other festivals is a chance for people to dress up, go out, socialize and party. Most people don’t know the origin of Halloween. It doesn’t matter if you are single, the following are the tricks that you can use to enhance your chances of meeting someone. 


1: Many people like to dress up in a horror costume, with fake blood make up on their face. If you are in a relationship and want a fun night out, that’s OK. But if you are single, and have horror makeup on your face, the chances are others won’t see your real face and won’t remember you. Even if you bump into each other again you won’t recognise each other. 


2: Go for the classics: the most eye-catching ones are always a group of more than 2 girls dressing up in uniform or as famous historical people, like Sailor Moon, or superheroes. You will find there are plenty of fake abs six packs and superhero outfits


3: When to go out: this year Halloween is on a Wednesday; in my experience, when Halloween falls on a school night, most people will dress up and party the weekend before or after. It’s better to just go out on Friday after work, then dress up on the Saturday.  Like every year, there will be lots of people walking around LKF, but their mood is just to see what the most interesting outfits are out there. Most bars are quiet on that evening…. go out anyway. 


4: Preparation: No matter whether you want to dress up or not, it’s always better to do some research about this special occasion. Are there any interesting parties to go to? What are the themes? In case you want to dress up, can you get an outfit that fits you properly?  Most casual cheap outfits won’t fit. The better way is to buy it earlier and take to a tailor. Study, prepare and have fun! 


Make this Halloween unforgettable. Target to meet at least 5-10 new friends….


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