17th Aug (Fri) is Chinese Valentines’ Day.
If you are in a relationship and always dine out, an evening in cooking is considered romantic, especially if one of you or both of you are introvert.

If you and your partner are both extrovert, you will both enjoy an evening out. Wine and dine.

If you have just started seeing someone, ladies, these days feel free to say something like “There is a new restaurant …..would you like to try it with me on Friday?” Do not worry about being rejected. If that person turns down the invitation he is not for you anyway. Choose to spend the evening with friends or family – you will be equally happy.

For guys, if you are at the courting stage, in case you want to send flowers, that day most flower shops only guarantee to deliver during office hours. It’s better you take an hour off and bring them yourself. Any girl who receives that will appreciate it. Book a restaurant that is close to her office in case she can make it for lunch. Book a table for dinner too, but no need to tell her. Surprise her. Do it without expectation. Then you won’t get disappointed.

If you want to spend the weekend together, go to Shek O (call Uber if you are not driving) for a nice long lunch. Book a hotel (2 rooms if you are not at that stage yet). With most hotels, if you book a room, you enjoy the spa, gym and swimming pool there. At around 6 pm, watching the sunset at Ritz Carlton Lobby lounge will be romantic. A glass of Bollinger to start the evening is always nice. There is a Japanese restaurant at 103/F ICC; the chef will demonstrate his special cooking and serving skills.