Happy New Year!
Rachael and Smith is going to be 15 years old.
About our client base:
When ladies come for a consultation, they often ask, why if these guys have such good profiles, do they need your service? I say because they knew me, they joined one of my events 10 or even 15 years ago.
In the past, I witnessed them getting into a relationship, or getting married, breaking up and coming back to our service. Or 10 years ago, when he may have been 35 and not ready….now is ready at 45…..the majority of our male clients are in their 40s. For successful men, their time is very valuable. Using a dating app is considered a waste of time. People who come to us are generally more serious.
Very Personalized Service:
Because I personally meet every client, I know their personality very well. Finding them a date takes a few minutes. Some clients think they know what they want,  but after a consultation….they are clear about what they want, and where to look.
Best matches for female clients:
While our female clients have a wide range of ages, from 20s to 50s…two of my happiest matches are my best friend who has been married for 10 years; the other is a female client aged 52 who has a son. She is happily in love with another of my clients.  For myself….I found I married the best man in the world. I met him in July, we were married in November.
Sometimes finding love is just that easy.
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