Here is a formula to have an amazing Valentine’s Day.
No expectations + laugh a lot + show appreciation during that 24 hours.

A typical Valentine’s Day in HK is sending flowers to the office, booking a nice restaurant, buying a gift or buying each other a gift.

Your partner might be just clueless: Don’t assume they know what you want. Sometimes men really have no clue how important it is that they do something on that day. For some of them, it’s just another working day.

Gift or no gift?
If you would like a certain gift, tell him sweetly. But remember to ask what he would like to have too. This is when you are in a long relationship or married. Men generally will give you a surprise when they are chasing you.
For a couple at the dating stage, who want to give surprise to their partner, you can ask common friends what they would like. Or try to recall if they hinted at anything in the previous conversation.

Tell him exactly what you want:
Ladies, if he really did not do anything and you love him, don’t get upset. Be sweet and suggest a place you would like to go. He will be happy to do that if he can afford it and he loves you. If he doesn’t….no big deal, as long as he is not spending that day with any other woman.

Be extremely easy going:
If he suggests a gift or a restaurant you don’t like, find a way to appreciate it and share how you feel a few days later. Because if you don’t take the first offer, he might not suggest another because he doesn’t know what you like.

Whatever happens that evening, keep happy and feel fortunate!