Many people say they will work on their clothing or fitness when they find that person who gives them motivation. In fact it should be the other way around.


Keeping fit: It takes 3-6 months to drop 5 to 15 pounds if you want to look good in a wedding dress or groom’s outfit. Also other beauty and fitness improvements take time to do.


Wedding dress: A wedding dress takes a month to alter or 4-6 months to order.


Engagement ring: An engagement ring takes 3-6 weeks to alter the size.


Wedding Theme: You may also want to have a wedding theme, such as romantic, vintage, beach, garden, modern. Some materials might need to be ordered a long time in advance.


Holiday application: You might need to know how soon and how long you can take off for the honeymoon. Save some holiday for this.


Wedding venue: Your dream wedding venue will take 12-18 months to pre-book if you are looking for a venue within budget, food you like, and a location that is close to your elderly family members. If you are looking for a venue that is available on the same day as the church, remember the church usually takes a year ahead to book.


Marriage registration: After you submit the registration form, you need to wait 20 days before you can register as officially husband and wife.


New dream home: It’s not a good idea to renovate a new apartment and plan your wedding at the same time. Too much stress and expense that will cause conflict. Better to do it after the wedding. Get a serviced apartment if you can.


The most important thing: Finding the right person: On average it takes 3-6 months to develop a relationship and a year to decide if you want to marry that person. Study and research how to find the right person.


The best way to do the above research is by helping out any friends who are getting married soon, so that you can get some ideas while you are helping.