One day I said to my best friend that I found being a wife is the hardest job. She said there is a harder one, which is being a mom. Here are some tips for when you are in a relationship, but your partner is not doing things in the way that you want.

You know we have a dog language and a baby language, I have found some husband language which is useful in dating, relationships or marriage.

If you don’t know these tricks, the chances are that you may have the same problem with different relationships. A man likes a woman who cares about him like his mother, but never nags him or yells at him.

1: Say your preferred option last, with a smile. When you want to do something, you want him to feel like it’s his choice. Say what you least prefer first, then what you like second with a big smile. Most of the time, it makes no difference to them anyway.

2: Be the role model: Be a clean cook – that means after cooking the kitchen is almost clean, except the serving and eating dishes.

3: Change your thinking: Instead of thinking he never washes the dishes, you should think he would rather wash the dishes than watch you do it, but if he does they are not clean enough, and you need to do them again.

4: The most well know trick. Put the nice clothes that you like on top of the others, while leaving the old ones at the bottom of the pile.

5: Mirroring: If there is a problem, and you nag him, he won’t change. It’s like if you do something, you must think there is no problem. Instead, focus on the nice things, mention a nice thing he did lately. Then he will do something to make you happy.

6: Say darling/honey/sweetheart, can you help me with this, please? Start with something small, reward him with a small victory.

The key is to recognize their effort in the the way you like to be recognized.