Happy Valentine’s Day Formula

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Here is a formula to have an amazing Valentine’s Day. No expectations + laugh a lot + show appreciation during that 24 hours. A typical Valentine’s Day in HK is sending flowers to the office, booking a nice restaurant, buying a gift or buying each other a gift. Your partner might be just clueless: Don’t …

Mana vegetarian flat with Pumpkin Carrot and Tomato soup

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A delicious meal you can eat every day that’ll help you stay slim, improve your skin and boost your energy level.

Men’s Hair Care

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Hair: Make at least one visit to the barber shop a month; a clean cut should be above the shirt collar, and above the ears. Nasal hair: Nothing is more of a turn off than sitting across a romantic dinner setting and noticing a few curly strands of nasal hair protruding from your date’s nose. …

What makes a happy, healthy relationship?

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We must be complete in order to have a healthy relationship. We need to have a well-rounded self that includes family, hobbies, various activities and interests, a healthy lifestyle, friends, and possess personal traits such as confidence and self-respect. If you look at the many couples who remain in a happy relationship, they are, individually, …

New choice at Kennedy Town

Catch is a new restaurant located at Kennedy Town. It is usual to find a long line outside of this place over the weekend as people are fancy for healthy brunch choice. However, their dinner did surprise me by the food quality and the good vibes. Address: G/F, 95 Catchick Street, Kennedy Town, Western District Tel: 2855 …

Hot wife diet – Part 1

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Hot wife diet – Part 1 Some women thought after marriage life, it is ok to not to work too hard on their appearance because they are not in a dating status anymore. But based on my experience and studies, men generally appreciate beauty over a mom looking figure. A client of ours once said …

Your First impression matters

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  Dear Gentlemen, You only have one chance to make a first impression. Hair is one of the first things people will notice. If it’s dirty and/or messy, they may draw undesirable conclusions about your character. Try to: 1. Have a regular haircut at least once a month. Schedule on the first Monday or last …